Blogger Contest: The Future of Mobile Apps.

We are looking for creative writers/bloggers to imagine the future of mobile Apps. What mobile Apps will be used in the future and how will they empower us? What is likely to happen tomorrow that is still not possible today? Our partners at Radar are particularly interested in how location services can enable future mobile Apps. Yes, we all can imagine the App being used by some retailer to push some annoying ad notifications when we are passing by their store. But, this is simply boring. The question is how these services can be used for the greater good? Protecting the environment?  Safety? Humanitarian needs? Or are we all being too naive asking these questions?

Official Rules:

  1. Only one entry per person per blog is allowed for each contest. Any entrant who enters more than one entry per contest will be disqualified.

  2. All entries must be blog posts and at least 200 words long. We will only accept unpublished works for all contests. If an entry has previously been published in any way, the entry will be disqualified.

  3. We will invite the most distinguished bloggers to participate, however, no invitation is needed for participation.

  4. Contest entries must be published on any established blog within the specified month of each contest to qualify. The blog must be in English, must publish posts at least monthly, must be live for at least a year and have sufficient readership. We will determine the readership by using Open Site Explorer. Blogs with Home Page Authority of at least 30 will be deemed to have sufficient readership. However, Anagram Interactive reserves the right to use other metrics for this purpose.

  5. The contest has a cash prize of USD500 for the winner, $200 for the second place, and $100 for the third place. The awards and may be subject to local, state and federal taxes. The prizes are not transferable, and the winner is responsible for all tax payments, international chargers, transfer fees and/or monetary currency conversion charges related to all cash prizes. We will only be responsible for the original cash prize amounts, not responsible for any additional costs, monetary transfers, charges or fees imposed between a financial or governmental institutions and the winner.

  6. The winner will be notified by email within 30 days after the contest closing date, and receive information on when, where and how the prize can be collected. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, Anagram Interactive reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

  7. Posts that do not respect these guidelines may be rejected.

  8. Any “spamming”, harassment, suspicious or offensive behavior is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if we have reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of the official rules. Any entrant deemed to be engaged in any fraudulent and/or suspicious activity will prompt an immediate disqualification.

  9. Anagram Interactive shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these rules, and such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage.

  10. We reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition if circumstances arise outside of its control, or if it is deemed that a contest received insufficient entries. Twenty eligible entries will be deemed sufficient for this purpose. 

  11. The blog post must contain a link to our sponsor Radar: or any other page on the site. Radar ( is the location platform for mobile apps. Radar provides tools that help app developers add location tracking and context to their apps. For example, a shopping app can send a push notification when someone walks into a Walmart or a Starbucks. Or, a travel app may to change the in-app experience when someone is traveling and at an airport. Or a delivery app can help track all the delivery drivers. App developers can use our iOS and Android toolkits (software development kits, or "SDKs") to add these capabilities to their apps in just a few lines of code. Building these capabilities from scratch can take weeks or months, but integrating Radar takes only a few hours.

  12. Anyone may participate. There are no purchase requirement or entry fee to enter.

  13. Anagram Interactive at their sole discretion will choose 5 best, most interesting and thought-provoking posts to present to Radar. Radar will choose the ultimate winner.

Please send all questions to Once your blog post finalized, please inform us at the email above.